15 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2020

Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

Digital marketing is an essential part of any modern business seeking to grow and expand in 2020 and beyond. With the help of digital marketing, you can establish your company as a trustworthy, experienced and superior one in your niche. Additionally, you can engage with your customers at a personal level, create brand loyalty, stand out from the crowd and increase your ROI.

When it comes to the benefits of digital marketing for small businesses, you need to know that this modern concept can greatly benefit your business. Compared to offline or traditional marketing, which focuses solely on techniques such as TV advertising, newspaper advertising, event marketing, and print advertising, digital marketing is all about leveraging the power of the Internet to reach customers in their homes, when they are driving or even while they are sleeping.

Digital marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), PPC (pay-per-click), social media marketing (SMM), local SEO, mobile advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing, and AI-powered marketing.

Let’s dive into the main benefits of digital marketing b2b in order to help you understand how this modern approach to marketing could help you skyrocket your brand awareness and could enable your business to grow like never before.

1. Cheaper than Traditional Marketing

When you are wondering why digital marketing is important for small businesses, the first answer you’ll get is that it is way cheaper than traditional marketing. Indeed, doing SEO, PPC, SMM or using the power of network marketing on social media groups costs just a fraction of the price that TV, newspaper or billboard ads cost.

In 2020, you don’t need to be worried about spending a huge chunk of your capital on marketing. Instead, you can play it smart and invest in the right digital marketing techniques to boost your brand awareness and get your brand known in your niche.

User reviews and testing. You can reach the same effects of traditional marketing for much cheaper

2. It Levels the Playing Field

In the past, large corporations such as Coca Cola or McDonald’s who had big enough budgets would get a clear edge on their competition. However, digital marketing has now enabled startups and small companies to get in the face of big corporations.

 No name brands can invest in brand advertising campaigns, can offer outstanding customer service and can interact with customers on social media, becoming even more credible than big brands out there. As a business owner, you can capitalize on the huge power of digital marketing to outsmart your competitors and literally “steal” their most precious customers.

Of course, to do that you need to understand the concepts of marketing in social media and hire a top digital marketing agency that can reveal to you what are the benefits of digital media and can help you leverage them.

3. Measurable Results

Another exceptional benefit of digital marketing is that it offers you real-time analytics. Compared to traditional advertising, where it was close to impossible to measure the reach of your newspaper ads campaigns, with digital marketing you can use tracking codes to follow the entire journey of a buyer.

You can use advanced reporting & analytics platforms to measure the results of your ad campaigns, social media actions, or SEO improvements. This way, you know at all times what aspects need to be looked upon and improved.

4. Continual Testing

Another benefit your small business can have out of digital marketing is its capability to allow for continual testing. While with offline marketing you can’t make a lot of changes after the advertisement has started, with digital you can make amends at all times. You can change your approach, choose another niche, modify the budget, change the focus keywords, modify bids, and the list goes on.

5. Enjoy Better Engagement Rates

With digital marketing, you can create exciting media opportunities and you can interact with your target niche at a deeper level. Digital marketing allows for free-flowing exchange of information between the consumer and your brand. Because of this interaction, prospects are more eager to buy from you.

As an example, digital marketing allows you to create campaigns on Facebook Messenger on LinkedIn chat, where you can directly interact via messages with your prospects. They can reply to your messages and can ask whatever questions have. You can also use chatbots on social media or on your site to respond to messages and queries automatically or to guide customers through the buying process.

6. Reach your Clients Exactly where they are spending their time

One of the most impressive benefits of digital marketing for buyers and sellers is its capability to allow you to create highly targeted campaigns. You can reach your prospects when reading books, driving, searching on Google Maps, watching videos, eating, shopping or even playing computer or smartphone games.

7. Extremely High ROI

According to the latest statistics, digital marketing comes with an incredible return-on-investment. There are numerous mind-blowing digital marketing statistics (note: link to that prove without a shadow of a doubt that digital marketing works like a charm. You can even end up getting 10X ROI for your marketing campaigns, which could spell just enough profit to be able to relocate to a better office or expand in a new city.

Hand holding globe. Demonstrating how digital marketing can help you reach global clients

8. Global Reach

With digital marketing, you can reach customers from all corners of the world extremely easy. For instance, you can create PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook or on programmatic platforms to sell only to people living in Europe or a specific city, say London. You can also optimize your pages locally to only show for people living in certain locations.

If you are selling worldwide, this benefit of digital marketing is certainly something you’ll love, because it enables you to grow your reach and expand your business horizons.

9. 24/7 Marketing

Digital marketing runs around the clock. If you’re wondering how does digital marketing work in business, know that it works 24/7 to bring you new leads and boost your brand image. You can create advertising campaigns to run 24/7, have a website that is always up-and-running, and offers constant customer support to people on social media platforms, email, phone, and live chat.

10. Enjoy Social Media Growth

Many small business owners are trying to figure out how does social media marketing affects small businesses. The naked truth is that social media can make or break a small company. You can make social media your best ally or your fiercest foe.

By hiring a professional social media management company, you’ll be able to become a social media king. You’ll be able to interact with your prospects at a whole new level and you’ll be able to go viral on the most important social media platforms.

 Once you do that, you’ll enjoy an organic growth that is bigger than anything you’ve experienced. Social media growth is exponential, compared to SEO or PPC growth, which is linear. Become a social media king by capitalizing on the true potential of digital marketing.

11. Stronger Ties with your Customers

Offline marketing was all about sending the message out there and hoping for the best. However, with digital marketing, you can set up bridges between your company and your prospects. You can literally communicate both-ways and get to properly understand your clients’ needs and desire.

With digital marketing, you can collect feedback, respond to reviews, create personalized offers, design re-branding & remarketing campaigns and also talk to your customers directly. These stronger ties that you create enable you to enjoy more qualified customers who are eager to become your loyal brand fans and advertise your business to their peers.

12. Expand your Reach

Expand your reach with digital marketing. Easy analytics to keep track of your progress and generate more leads

Digital marketing enables you to get your voice out there. This is crucial, especially as a small business owner who is just starting out in your niche. You can capitalize on digital marketing to become known in your niche and market your products & services to people who have never heard of you before.

13. Attract Mobile Customers

Digital marketing allows you to advertise to mobile customers, which are on the rise since 2010. No offline marketing activity allows you to do that. Mobile customers are extremely shopping-savvy, so if you have a restaurant or an eCommerce store, you definitely want to get them on your boat.

14. Can be Done by Anyone

Another exceptional benefit of digital marketing is that it is widely available and can be done by pretty much anyone. Of course, you need to have certain skills in order to do a good job and you need plenty of time, but anyone can learn how to become an internet marketing.

15. Improved Opportunities in the Future

Digital marketing is already extremely vast and offers a huge array of options. You can choose from hundreds of targeting options and can create tens of unique types of campaigns. You can create QR codes and capture customer information, create campaigns to people entering a certain area using geo-targeting, create robots with RPA and even use marketing for VR devices.

Soon enough, digital marketing will enter into a new era where blockchain, AI and robots will become mainstream. You certainly don’t want to miss that.

Final Words

So why is digital marketing important? With it, you can grow your business and expand globally in just a matter of years. Without it, you are doomed to be left behind and become obsolete. Use it wisely by hiring a top digital marketing agency. We are here to help, give us a shout! contact us