Free Custom Websites in Ottawa

We are helping businesses establish their digital presence for FREE! Find out if you qualify.

What's N2TEN?

N2TEN is a digital agency that is located in Ottawa, Ontario. What makes us different is the way we value people. As a creative digital agency, our goal is to connect people. Our mission is to provide our clients with the strongest digital presence to help grow their business. We utilize our technology to give your customers seamless digital experiences through any device.

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Why are the websites free

We realized that a lot of small sized businesses don’t have digital presence. A strong digital presence is vital in the success of any business nowadays.


So how are we helping so many businesses to make websites for free?


The project will be presented to you twice before we hand off the final website. You will be able to make adjustments through the iterations to insure the best quality product at the end.

We will work as the quality assurance between you and the talent. We will assure that all projects produced by the talents are up to business standards and follow the design & coding practices of N2TEN.


So far, we have over 300 student members that have signed up with us. Those members are proficient in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Our members are looking to gain client work expertise, and we made it our goal to help them achieve that.

What we are offering

Our program is tailored to help your business grow. Here’s how our program will benefit your business


Increased engagement with your clients
More customers


Free website (1-3 pages)
Responsive design


Design customization
Hands-on experience


Quick delivery
N2TEN supervisory
Industry standard


Looking for small businesses with less than 50 employees

3 MO+

Your business has to be operating for atleast 3 months- no revenue limitation


The Talent's name has to be on your footer

1 YR+

Your website has to be live for atleast one year